Memorandum by the Chief of the Visa Division ( Warren ) to the Chief of the Special Division ( Green )

Mr. Green: On the afternoon of the fourteenth, I discussed with Mr. Long the apparent confusion in policy with respect to payment of the expenses of transportation to this country of Axis officials expelled from the other American republics. I mentioned to Mr. Keeley15 over the telephone Mr. Long’s definition of policy. In effect it is that this Government undertakes to pay the cost of transportation from the port of embarkation in another American republic to the United States unless the expelled officials themselves volunteer to pay such transportation expenses or unless the expelling government should volunteer to pay the expenses from the port of deportation to the United States. It is Mr. Long’s wish that the authorization to American officials to pay such transportation expenses should not be used as a trading point. The authorization is construed to be specific unless there is expressed voluntarily the wish by the expelled officials or the expelling country to underwrite this cost.

Avra Warren
  1. James H. Keeley, Jr., Assistant Chief of the Special Division.