832.796/300: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil ( Caffery )

197. Embassy’s 291, April 9. I understand the reason for hesitation is the hope that perhaps further consideration of the matter will lead the Brazilian Government to conclude that the disadvantages of continuing on the present basis outweigh the advantages. I would not press Aranha on this but the matter might be kept before him.

Incidentally, the reports from the Naval Attaché at Rio de Janeiro53 call attention to the fact that these planes are carrying mica, industrial [Page 518] diamonds and platinum. It is hoped that at least regarding mica and industrial diamonds, this supply can be made available to the United States as a part of the arrangements now under discussion with Pierson.54

  1. Comdr. Edwin D. Graves.
  2. Warren Lee Pierson, president of the Export-Import Bank. For correspondence regarding negotiation of a Lend-Lease agreement with Brazil and arrangements to procure strategic materials, see pp. 528 ff. and pp. 538 ff.