810.20 Defense/1674a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery)

1127. In pursuance of the agreement concerning military cooperation reached between the General Staffs of Brazil and the United States based on a memorandum handed to the War Department by General Góes Monteiro during his visit to the United States last year (see Department’s instruction no. 1044, January 7), conversations were held at Rio by the Joint United States-Brazil Planning Group. The Brazilian Chief of Staff now recommends the immediate appointment of a permanent Joint Board for Northeast Brazil to plan the construction of base facilities required for hemisphere defense in Northeast Brazil. This planning work is essential in order to determine the financial obligations which the United States may incur in connection with this construction, as well as the actual procurement of these funds.

The Navy Department desires that a naval officer shall be a member of this Board.

The War Department adds that in the opinion of General Miller each government should be represented on the Board by one engineer, one air force, and one naval officer and that Brazil should appoint an additional member who will be President of the Board. After an initial meeting at Rio, the Board would proceed to the Recife-Natal area to take up its permanent station. It would operate under the [Page 513] same general conditions as the Joint Staff Planning Group except that with the approval of both countries, its proceedings would remain secret, although the appointment of the Board would be made public.

If you perceive no objection to this plan, you will please submit it to the Brazilian authorities at the earliest possible opportunity with a view to obtaining their approval in order that the War Department may proceed with the necessary arrangements.