835.796/171: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Armour)

688. Please telegraph the Department the reaction of the Foreign Office to your representations in connection with YPF’s supplying Axis airlines with 100,000 liters of aviation grade gasoline per month.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the Interdepartmental Committee from recommending that the YPF be placed on the Proclaimed List. In this connection some confusion has arisen as a result of the statement in your 909 of August 30, 1 p.m.,55 that control of importation and distribution of petroleum products has recently been taken from YPF and placed under the Ministry of Marine. Your comment in this regard by telegraph will be appreciated.

The Department will also appreciate being advised by telegraph regarding Argentina’s stocks of ethyl fluid and whether this commodity is imported by YPF direct or through Intava.

  1. Not printed.