The Secretary of State to the Postmaster General (Walker)

My Dear Mr. Postmaster General: The Department refers to its letter of August 11, 194151 in regard to a report that the Condor air line was planning to establish an additional weekly service between Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and to the statement in the Department’s letter that Pan American Grace Airways was also desirous of inaugurating another service between Santiago and Buenos Aires.

In its reply of August 1851 your Department indicated that it was desirous of cooperating in the program designed to remove Axis influence and control over aviation in the other American Republics. This matter was the subject of an informal conference between the Chief of the Division of International Communications of this Department52 and representatives of your Department in the office of Mr. Purdum53 on August 18.

This Department is now informed that officials of Pan American Grace Airways have taken up with the Post Office Department the matter of the designation of an additional service by Pan American Grace Airways between Santiago and Buenos Aires as an air mail schedule. It is further understood that the Post Office Department is disposed to make such designation, with the understanding that the rate of mail pay on the additional service would be such as might later be determined by the Civil Aeronautics Board in connection with the determination of an air mail rate for Pan American Grace Airways, provided the Department of State feels that such action by the Post Office Department is desirable from the standpoint of foreign policy.

With respect to the foregoing, I desire to state that this Department considers it desirable from the standpoint of foreign affairs to have the additional service by Pan American Grace Airways between Santiago and Buenos Aires designated as an air mail schedule, and takes this occasion to express appreciation of the Post Office Department’s cooperation in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Adolf A. Berle, Jr.

Assistant Secretary
  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Thomas Burke.
  4. Smith W. Purdum, Second Assistant Postmaster General.