722.2315/1447½: Telegram

The Ecuadoran Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Tobar Donoso ) to the Secretary of State


The Ecuadoran Government has had the honor of receiving a message in which Your Excellency so graciously communicated to it [Page 223] that the Governments of the United States of America, Argentina and Brazil, motivated by the necessity, in this critical hour, of a closer rapprochement between the American Republics, disturbed by the continuation of the difficulties which for more than a century have disturbed the relations between Ecuador and Peru and fully cognizant of the desire of both parties to solve their ancient difference over boundaries, offered them friendly services together with those of any other Governments that it might seem desirable to invite in order to promote the prompt, equitable and final solution of this controversy. My Government, which concurs fully with the sentiments, desires and proposals expressed in this message and persuaded that this solution is, as Your Excellency says so eloquently, a vital factor for the unity and solidarity of the continent in this moment of disquieting expectations, and being under an obligation to show itself especially worthy of the motives of your pacific offer, accepts with pleasure the generous services of the illustrious Governments of the United States of America, Argentina and Brazil. I am honored in being able to assure the American Government of the gratitude of Ecuador and to applaud so fine an act of fellowship and high understanding of the necessities and destinies of America.

I trust fully that Peru is equally devoted to those same ideals of fraternity for the glory and benefit of the Continent and honor of our countries now called to a close-knit union and mutual aid for the future. And, [I believe] with absolute faith that the assistance of these Governments and that of others which might be designated will have the most complete and prompt success in the equitable and final solution of the controversy.

I present [etc.]

Julio Tobar Donoso