The Under Secretary of State (Welles) to the British Ambassador (Halifax)

My Dear Lord Halifax: With reference to our conversation of yesterday in which I once more expressed the hope of this Government [Page 209] that some appropriate and early way might be found by the Government of Great Britain to further a friendly and equitable adjustment of the question which has arisen involving the boundary between British Honduras and the Republic of Guatemala, I am enclosing herewith a paraphrase of a telegram5 I have received this morning from the American Minister in Guatemala City. I believe that you will find this message to be of interest.

I feel I should once more express my fear that so long as this dispute continues, it affords a very favorable opportunity for the agents of powers now at war with Great Britain, and unfriendly to the United States, to conduct propaganda, not only in Guatemala but in Mexico as well, which propaganda has already assumed considerable proportions and may at any moment assume a dangerous aspect.

Believe me

Yours very sincerely,

Sumner Welles
  1. Telegram No. 69, May 17, noon, supra.