714.44A15/237: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala ( Des Portes ) to the Secretary of State

69. My telegram No. 67, May 16, 3 p.m. The British Minister has just informed me that the Foreign Minister yesterday afternoon asked if it would not be possible to settle the Belize dispute immediately on the basis of a boundary settlement, intimating that Guatemala would be satisfied to receive territory up to the Sabun River and presumably dropping the question of sovereignty. The British Minister informed him, without agreeing to the extent of territorial concession, that he believed such a settlement possible.

The Department may wish to consider the desirability of bringing to the attention of the British Government this possibility of an early and definitive solution. The offer of Guatemala is unquestionably motivated by fear of the intentions of Mexico and I believe, whether or not Guatemala’s fears are well founded, that the moment is now ripe for a solution.

Des Portes