740.00111 A.R./1318: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Uruguay (Chapin)

128. For Chapin from the Under Secretary. Your 252, June 20, 5 p.m. Please call upon Dr. Guani at an early opportunity and state that his message and the text of the proposed circular communication have been received by your Government with the deepest gratification and with a sense of very lively satisfaction. You may anticipate [Page 25] the nature of the official reply which will be made by this Government to the proposal of the Government of Uruguay by stating that it will express a complete identity of views with the Uruguayan proposal and the statement that the policy of the United States is the same as that of the Government of Uruguay as announced in the proposed circular.

You may further say that this Government has been very glad immediately to send instructions to all of its chiefs of mission in the other American republics requesting them to inform the Governments to which they are accredited that the Uruguayan proposal has the hearty support of the Government of the United States and that it trusts that the proposal made will obtain the unanimous support of all of the American countries. [Welles.]