740.00111 A.R./1318: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Chiefs of Mission in the American Republics Except Brazil and Uruguay

[Here follows substance of Uruguayan circular communication contained in telegram No. 254, June 20, midnight, printed supra.]

Inasmuch as this communication has been sent by air mail, the time of its receipt by the Government to which you are accredited will vary. It is believed that in the case of most countries their Foreign Ministers will take opportunity to discuss the proposal with you to ascertain the point of view of this Government. Failing this initiative, it is hoped that you will be able, in the next few days, without forcing an opening, to lead a conversation around to a discussion of the Uruguayan proposal. When the occasion arises you will state that this Government views the initiative of Uruguay as an example of enlightened and far-sighted statesmanship giving content to the oft-repeated pledges of inter-American solidarity. You will tactfully urge, therefore, the desirability of a sympathetic and favorable response.

In those capitals where Uruguay has diplomatic representation you are requested to consult with the Uruguayan representative in order to coordinate action.