740.00111 A.R./1318: Telegram

The Chargé in Uruguay (Chapin) to the Secretary of State

252. My telegram No. 250, June 19, 1941. An urgent call from the Minister of Foreign Affairs4 we discussed today the proposed Uruguayan declaration. He said that its general tenor had already been discussed with certain [countries?] who were believed to be sympathetic but that it had been decided to send the final text by air mail tomorrow to the 19 other republics for their information and “concordancia”. He reiterated what the President had told me [yesterday?] that the matter was being handled in such a way as to leave Uruguay free, in case of dissent on the part of one or more of the American Republics, either to promulgate [the?] declaration unilaterally or to use it as the basis for a more extended discussion in a possible future conference of American [Ministers?] of Foreign Affairs.

…He said that many of the American Governments were “good friends” of the United States and that he hopes that our Government will give active support to the Uruguayan action and will urge prompt and favorable similar action in those capitals where Uruguay has no diplomatic representatives. In the opinion of the Foreign Minister Brazil is the most important state to swing into line and he intimated that although he and Aranha5 generally see eye to eye our assistance in Rio de Janeiro would be appreciated. He intimated that such assistance might be necessary in Chile and Peru. I am cabling translation of an advance text which Guani says is correct and which will serve, except for certain refinements, the purpose of our Government in communicating with our Missions abroad regarding the Uruguayan action. That text will follow by air mail when received and any [changes?] will be cabled.

  1. Alberto Guani, Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Oswaldo Aranha, Brazilian Minister for Foreign Affairs.