740.0011 Pacific War/815: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Gauss ) to the Secretary of State

481. Chiang Kai-shek18 summoned me this afternoon with Soviet Ambassador.19 Foreign Minister20 also present. British Ambassador21 absent in Chengtu will be informed later.22

Chiang made following statement and later asked that it be sent as from him to the President:

Despite sincere efforts by United States in recent conversations with Japan to settle by peaceful means various questions bearing on the Pacific, Japan has suddenly launched attack on United States and Britain. This latest act of international brigandage by Japan has even taken us by surprise. Fact that attack was made while Japan envoys were continuing talks in Washington shows plan of aggression premeditated.
Chinese Government now holds itself in full readiness to collaborate regardless of all further sacrifices in any concerted military plan which United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Holland and Soviet Russia may adopt against Japan and her Axis partners.
Chinese Government has decided to declare war against Japan as well as her partners, Germany and Italy.
In order make possible full concerted action, Chinese Government deems it imperative that every member of anti-aggression block should consider as common enemy every member of Axis group. We therefore suggest simultaneous declaration of war by United States against Germany and Italy and by Soviet Russia against Japan should be made.
For effective and successful prosecution of war, Chinese Government considers essential conclusion of a military alliance between Soviet, United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Holland and China with the unified command of allied moves under American leadership.
Chinese Government proposes an agreement be concluded between countries above-mentioned not to sign any separate peace.

  1. President of the Chinese Executive Yuan (Premier).
  2. Alexander S. Panyushkin.
  3. Quo Tai-chi.
  4. Sir Archibald J. K. Clark Kerr.
  5. On December 9 Gen. John A. Magruder, head of American Military Mission to China, reported another meeting with Generalissimo Chiang, when the British Ambassador also was present, to discuss the situation and military plans.