740.0011 P. W./741: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

5743. From the President. Your 5929, December 7 [8], 4 p.m. [a.m.] “I think it best on account of psychology here that formal [Page 733] British declaration of war be withheld until after my speech8 at 12:30 Washington time. I am asking for declaration.9 Any time after that would be wholly satisfactory.10

Delighted to know of message to de Valera. Roosevelt.”

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  2. For the declaration of a state of war with Japan, see ibid., p. 795.
  3. British Prime Minister Churchill made his statement to the House of Commons at 3 p.m., London time (10 a.m., Washington time), December 8; for text, see United Kingdom, Parliamentary Debates, House of Commons, 5th series, vol. 376, p. 1358.