President Roosevelt to the Secretary of State 52

6 months

U. S. to resume economic relations—some oil and rice now—more later.
Japan to send no more troops to Indo-China or Manchurian border or any place South—(Dutch, Brit, or Siam).
Japan to agree not to invoke tripartite pact even if U. S. gets into European war.
U. S. to introduce Japs to Chinese to talk things over but U. S. to take no part in their conversations.

Later on Pacific agreements.

  1. Notation attached to the original: “Pencilled memorandum given by the President to the Secretary of State (not dated but probably written shortly after November 20, 1941)”. For draft proposal of a modus vivendi handed by Ambassador Nomura to the Secretary of State on November 20, see Foreign Relations, Japan, 1931–1941, vol. ii, p. 755.