Draft Prepared in the Division of Far Eastern Affairs28

Outline of an Agreement

(a) That Japan shall forthwith desist from any and all offensive military operations: offensive military operations to mean launching of new offensive movements in any area and enlargement of Japanese [Page 603] military establishments at any points outside of Japanese territory (among such areas and points being Manchuria, China, Indochina, Thailand, Malaya and insular areas not under Japanese sovereignty or mandate).
(b) That the United States shall within six months relax its embargoes upon trade with Japan.
That the two countries shall within six months rescind, reciprocally, their respective freezing regulations and operations, each so far as the other is concerned.
(A provision for economic policy—on the lines of the draft of such a provision given to Admiral Nomura on November 1529).
That in case Japan embarks upon any further offensive military operations the obligations of the United States under this agreement shall automatically terminate.
  1. Notation on file copy: “Draft suggestion prepared in FB November 16, 1941. No action was taken on this suggestion.”
  2. Foreign Relations, Japan, 1931–1941, vol. ii, p. 736.