711.94/2361: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Grew) to the Secretary of State

1623. For the Secretary and Under Secretary only. My 1604, October 10, 7 p.m.,5 paragraph numbered 3. I am constantly bearing in mind the fact that the conversations with the Japanese Government are taking place in Washington. However, I am now in the [Page 508] position of having forwarded to you at the request of the Foreign Minister, a statement that calls for some reply. Making that request Admiral Toyoda explained that he was now approaching you through me in search of certain information which Ambassador Nomura had been unable to elicit from the Department.

As I calculate that the Department’s 649, October 11, 3 p.m.6 was despatched after the receipt of my telegram under reference, I am in doubt whether you desired me to make reply to the Foreign Minister along the lines of the Department’s telegram or whether I may expect to receive from you in due course a further telegram addressing itself specifically to the Foreign Minister’s statement. Please instruct.

  1. Not printed, but see memorandum by the Ambassador in Japan, October 10, 1941, Foreign Relations, Japan, 1931–1941, vol. ii, p. 677.
  2. Not printed; it reported conversations of October 9, Foreign Relations, Japan, 1931–1941, vol. ii, pp. 670 and 672.