711.94/1945: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Grew) to the Secretary of State

143. The Foreign Minister is reported by today’s vernacular press to have stated yesterday in reply to interpellations in the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives that, although his previous statements on Japanese-American relations may have seemed pessimistic, he did not yet despair. He hoped that Admiral Nomura43 would explain to President Roosevelt and the American people the true intentions of Japan, making them realize Japan’s determination and the fact that the Japanese-American issue involves the destiny of mankind.

In discussing the China incident the Minister repeatedly said that Chiang Kai-shek, Britain and the United States must be made to know that economic pressure can never halt Japan’s determined course. Netherlands East Indies negotiations were admittedly difficult but the Minister did not believe that the Dutch would refuse Japan’s demands to the end.

This evening’s Nichi Nichi reports that Foreign Minister Matsuoka was asked today in a meeting of a budget subcommittee of the House [Page 19] of Representatives whether Article III of the Tripartite Pact would come into effect in case Japan’s “life line” were endangered by strengthened Anglo-American military bases in the Pacific. The Foreign Minister replied that circumstances of this nature might bring Article III into effect and that Japan was viewing with extreme concern British and American activities in the South Seas and China. He said that unrelenting attention was being paid to the military and diplomatic aspects of the situation.

  1. Appointed Japanese Ambassador to the United States and formerly Minister for Foreign Affairs.