740.00112 European War 1939/3076: Telegram

The Consul General at Algiers (Cole) to the Secretary of State

346. From Murphy. During the past week at Casablanca Consul General Russell and I had several conferences with the Consular Control under the Economic Plan regarding methods of operation and reporting. Subject to the Department’s approval it was agreed that as the plan relates to North Africa as a whole it would be well temporarily to route all reports relating to the plan through me to avoid this [the] confusion which would result from conflicting data reaching the Department from the three territories involved. Military data which the officers may obtain will be transmitted to the diplomatic agency at Tangier in order that they may be checked by our Military Attaché at that place prior to transmission to the Department.

Shipping data will be telegraphed promptly to the Department by Casablanca, Algiers and Tunis.

We find Bentley’s40 technical knowledge and experience most useful. Subject to the Department’s approval the control officers will take turns in making the weekly courier trip to Tangier, thus obtaining the benefit of Childs’41 and Bentley’s oral suggestions.

Code text by air mail to Vichy and offices concerned. [Murphy.]

  1. Maj. William O. Bentley, Military Attaché at Tangier.
  2. J. Rives Childs, Chargé at Tangier.