The British Ambassador (Lothian) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: Confirming my telephone conversation this morning I enclose a brief summary of the information I obtained by telephone from London in response to the representations you made to me yesterday.

Believe me [etc.]

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I got through to London early this morning as a result of representations made by the Secretary of State and the President yesterday. Lord Halifax told me that the following action would be taken to-day:

1) His Majesty’s Government was making a public statement to the effect that it had no intention whatever of intervening in the Dutch East Indies. The Dutch Government has been asked to make a public statement that it has no desire for any assistance from outside in order to deal with the internal situation. Lord Halifax is seeing the Japanese Ambassador to-day and communicating this statement to him. It will also be published in the press.

2) The following statement is being published to-day in London and is being given to the American and Japanese press:

“As soon as the Dutch and the Allied Governments are satisfied that the internal position in Curaçao and Aruba have been fully established or as additional Dutch forces are available in sufficient numbers arrangements will at once be made for the immediate withdrawal of the British and French forces on the islands. There has never of course at any time been any intention to alter the status of the islands.”

(As this statement was only obtained by telephone I cannot guarantee its verbal accuracy.)

3) This action has been reported to the British Ambassador in Tokyo.