123 Bullitt, William C./617: Telegram

The Chargé in Germany (Heath) to the Secretary of State

2265. Department’s 1812, June 30, 1 p.m. I called on the Under Secretary of State this afternoon in accordance with Department’s instruction under reference and impressed upon him the concern of [Page 446] the Government over the long delay in obtaining communications with Paris and expressed the definite expectation that satisfactory regular communication with the American Embassy in Paris would be established without further delay. He excused the delay as due to the confusion resulting from the military operations and said that the Foreign Office itself has as yet no direct telegraphic communication with Paris but had to transmit messages by imperfect radio service. He referred to the permission granted Kennan85 to travel to Paris and he said that the Embassy would be enabled as soon as possible to have regular courier and other types of communication. He heard without comment my communication as to the Department’s desire to instruct Ambassador Bullitt to proceed to Mont-Dore.

  1. George F. Kennan, First Secretary of Embassy in Germany.