123 Bullitt, William C./615: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Germany (Heath)

1812. From the time of the occupation of Paris by German forces the Department has received no communications from Ambassador Bullitt other than the oral messages transmitted through you. So far as the Department is aware, none of the instructions sent to Ambassador Bullitt by telegram have been received by him since no replies to the many inquiries sent him have been obtained.

You are requested to call at the Foreign Office and express to the German Government the concern of this Government by reason of this long delay in obtaining communication with its Ambassador in Paris. There would seem to be no excuse for a continuation of the situation now that hostilities in France have ceased and that an armistice has been signed by Germany and France.

In as much as the French Foreign Office is now established in Mont-Dore, the Department desires to instruct Ambassador Bullitt to leave Paris and establish contact with the French Foreign Office in that city. You are requested to inform the German Government accordingly and endeavor to communicate to Ambassador Bullitt the Department’s instructions in this sense.

Please telegraph immediately the reply which may be made to you, as well as the steps which you were able to take in the sense desired.