740.00112 Wood Pulp/19

The Swedish Legation to the Department of State 57


An attempt will be made in the near future to re-establish shipping connections between Sweden and the U. S. A. Four Swedish vessels are now completing loading in the south of Sweden and are expected to be ready to sail early in June. All four vessels have cargoes of woodpulp for the U. S. A. and affidavits by the consignees establishing U. S. destination of the different shipments are now being prepared and will be submitted by the Swedish Legation to the State Department in the next few days.

Representations through diplomatic channels will be made in Berlin and London in order to facilitate the passage of these vessels. The representations in Berlin will refer only to the outward voyage, while in London the question of the vessels’ return voyages to Sweden with American goods will also be raised.

The Swedish Government should be grateful if the United States Government would be in a position to support the representations by the Swedish Government in Berlin and London. The Swedish Legations at Berlin and London have been instructed to defer any démarche in the matter until the American Embassies have been informed by the State Department of the American Government’s attitude.

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The Swedish Government intend shortly to open negotiations with the British and German Governments looking toward the re-establishment of regular shipping connections between Sweden and the U. S. A. The Swedish Government would greatly appreciate it if the United States Government could see its way to lend its support in the representations with this aim in view.

  1. In acknowledging this memorandum on May 31, the Secretary of State informed the Swedish Minister that appropriate instructions had been issued to the American diplomatic representatives in Berlin and London authorizing them to associate themselves in the representations being made by their Swedish colleagues.