710.Consultation (2)/292: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Armour ) to the Secretary of State

294. With reference to reported German efforts in Central America to interfere with the objectives of the Habana Conference, the German Embassy at Buenos Aires through its daily news bulletins and through the German subsidized newspapers including the Pampero and Crisol is endeavoring to create an impression that the United States is seeking to lead the other American Republics into a policy that it is designed to serve only the interests of the United States and that would be highly dangerous for the other Republics. Emphasis is placed upon the trade cartel plan,57 which it is claimed would prevent the other American countries from dealing with the rest of the world on a profitable basis. See Embassy’s despatches Nos. 913 of July 8 which left in yesterday’s air mail pouch and 832 of June 22.58

The following from an editorial in Crisol of July 9 is typical of the subsidized press comment:

“We are on the eve of the opening of the Pan-American Conference at Habana, convoked at the initiative of the White House for considering three subjects of utmost importance for the future of this part of the world: the adoption by all America of the Monroe Doctrine, the plan of continental defense and the already famous economic ‘cartel’. These three subjects may be summarized in only one: the acceptance by Latin America of the political, economic and military hegemony of the Yankees. To accept what is desired of them would be simply suicide.”

  1. See Vol. v , section under General entitled “Program Proposed by the United States for Inter-American Economic Cooperation.”
  2. Neither printed.