710.Consultation (2)/323

The Minister in El Salvador (Frazer) to the Secretary of State

No. 1057

Subject: German Minister’s note of July 1, 1940, to the Central American Republics in regard to the approaching Conference

Sir: I have the honor to report that the note above referred to has aroused considerable public indignation and adverse comment in this country. Both the Secretary and the Under Secretary of Foreign Affairs55a expressed resentment at what they termed the minatory attitude of the German Minister, and newspaper headings describe it as “A note of Intimidation,” “An Unheard-of Procedure” and in similar terms.

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A copy of the note, of the Salvadoran Government’s reply to it, and of newspaper clippings referring to it are enclosed herewith.56

These enclosures have just been received, only very shortly before the closing of today’s air mail, and have therefore not been translated.

In view of the resentment obviously felt by the Foreign Office here, I was somewhat surprised to see that it expressed its thanks to the German Minister for his note. This tone, however, should be attributed wholly to the following of the usual diplomatic form of correspondence and the reply not taken at its face value.

Respectfully yours,

Robert Frazer
  1. Miguel Angel Araujo and Arturo Ramón Avila, respectively.
  2. Only newspaper clippings (not reprinted) were found attached to the despatch.