760D.61/941: Telegram

The Chargé in Germany (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

39. My 2393, December 18, [1939,] 4 p.m., and 2446, December 22, [1939,] 4 p.m.68 I understand that within the past few days the pro-Soviet attitude of the German Government in the Russo-Finnish conflict69 has been further stiffened and among the reasons given for this reinforcement are the announcement of aid to Finland on the part of England and France and additional pressure which is said to have been brought to bear on the German Government by the Soviets, especially in connection with the pending trade negotiations between the two Governments. According to this information the practical manifestation of this attitude on the part of the German Government [Page 540] has so far been confined to threats against Norway and especially Sweden on the matter of the transit of arms to Finland and there is as yet no proof of actual aid to Russia from Germany at the front.70 In Finnish circles in Berlin the impression prevails that Sweden will not cede to these threats.

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