761.6211/315: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Steinhardt) to the Secretary of State

13. My telegram 1113, December 20, [1939,] noon.65 A member of the staff of the German Embassy has informed me in strict confidence that the discussions now in progress between the German economic delegation and the Soviet authorities have resulted in an agreement by the Soviets to supply Germany during 1940 with 500,000 metric tons of apatite. The negotiations are still proceeding with respect to manganese. I understand the quantity under consideration is also about 500,000 tons for 1940. Deliveries of the oil and fodder previously agreed upon are under way. Ritter66 left Moscow for Berlin last night. Schnurre67 and the other members of the delegation are remaining.

  1. ibid., p. 498.
  2. Karl Ritter, Ambassador on special assignment in the German Foreign Office, in charge of economic warfare questions.
  3. Karl Schnurre, Head of the Eastern European and Baltic Section of the Commercial Policy Division of the German Foreign Office.