760D.61/1170: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Sterling) to the Secretary of State

97. In an exclusive interview granted the Stockholm Dagens Nyheter and published today the Finnish Foreign Minister, after expressing gratitude for what aid had been given his country and stating that Finland was still willing to negotiate for a just peace, made the point that Finland had hoped that action concerning aid would have followed promises much quicker than they had and that had international aid been given immediately after the outbreak of war the Red army would have been stopped. He is reported to have said that Finland is particularly disappointed with the United States which has not yet decided on the request for a loan of 60 million dollars, a request which is being deliberated with the same minute care as if Finland’s serious position is not fully realized by the Americans. After a delay of more than a month it has now been proposed that Finland should obtain a loan of 20 million dollars but, even this amount has been delayed. It would be fatal, Mr. Tanner concludes, if Finland’s appeal for help were to be thrown into internal political discussion in the United States.