760D.61/1157: Telegram

The Minister in Finland ( Schoenfeld ) to the Secretary of State

108. Minister of Foreign Affairs told me this afternoon that the German Minister64 who has just returned from visit to Berlin had indicated no change in German attitude towards Finnish conflict with Russia. He had again defined this attitude as one of strict aloofness and disinterest. German Minister had also asked that Finnish Government confirm official German denials that the Russians were using [Page 292] German technical assistance and war supplies against Finland. Tanner said he had consented to do this and an authorized statement accordingly appeared in local press today to the effect that reports published abroad have not been verified that German officers are assisting Russians in operations against Finland and that Russians have been using German implements of war. German Minister apparently explained again that pact with Soviet Russia had been necessary for Germany to avoid having to wage war on two fronts.

  1. Wipert von Blücher.