867.5151/167: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

76. My telegrams 154, December 7, 4 p.m.; 161, December 19, 5 p.m. The exchange authorities are continuing to issue exchange permits in the chronological order of requests as exchange becomes available. Permits granted cover applications filed up to May 30, 1939, applications on file for which no permits had been issued totaled $4,946,500 December 28. However, permits issued since December 15, totaling $1,407,000 have not been utilized by holders who are awaiting cancellation of existing instructions applying an exchange premium of 37½ piasters per dollar to arrears and the issuance of new instructions to permit covering these arrears at the old rate.

Total payments actually made on applications filed in 1939 (not including payments to petroleum companies) amount to $1,649,000.

Inform Commerce.