611.6731/531: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

18. Department’s telegram No. 14, March 18, 3 p.m. Chief of Turkish delegation has confirmed understanding that no increases will be made in duties on articles included in schedule I.

He agrees to retention of canned asparagus and prune items, but proposes a tariff quota of 5,000 pounds (Turkish) for prune items. He requests us to suggest the phraseology to be used in expressing quota. He has no objection to omission from schedule II of unshelled filberts.

Turkish statistics for first 9 months of 1938 show no imports from the United States of dried prunes; 1,073 pounds (Turkish) of all canned fruits and juices, unsugared and 10 pounds (Turkish) sugared (canned prunes and canned prune juice are not listed separately).

Does the Department desire us to insist on retention of prune items without quota?

For Ambassador