867N.01/1407: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt ( Fish ) to the Secretary of State

10. Legation’s telegram No. 6, January 24, noon. It is confirmed by the British Embassy that an agreement has been reached in principle whereby the Nashashibi Party will be represented at the London Conference by means of delegates selected by the party heads and the British.

Reports that if the representatives of the Mufti withdrew as a protest against the participation of the moderates then the latter will also retire leaving the representation of the Arab cause to non-Palestinians are described at the Embassy as “premature”. I presume that while such an understanding may have been reached it is being stamped as a rumor pending the reaction of the Mufti. Its apparent purpose is to serve notice that the British strongly desire all Arab parties of Palestine to be represented but if that is impossible then it is preferable that none should be.