867N.01/1389: Telegram

The Chargé in Egypt ( Merriam ) to the Secretary of State

5. It was indicated on January 21 that the representatives of the Mufti had succeeded in imposing most of their program on the Arab Conference here particularly the point that they alone should represent the Palestine Arabs. Later that day the British stated that all parties must be represented including the moderate Nashashibi. A deadlock thereupon ensued. The National [Premier and] Assembly [Foreign Minister]23 of Iraq, the Foreign Under Secretary of Saudi Arabia24 and Jamal Husseini25 flew to Syria yesterday in an attempt to persuade the Mufti to agree to the participation of the Arab moderates at London.

Ragheb Bey Nashashibi who is now here has issued a statement that his party must have a number of delegates equal to the Mufti’s because the former represents at least 50 percent of the Palestine Arabs and 75 percent of Arab economic interests. Egyptian delegation at London will comprise Prince Abdil Moneim, Aly Maher Pasha25a and the Egyptian Ambassador at London.26

  1. Corrected on basis of information contained in despatch No. 1529, February 9, from the Minister in Egypt (867N.01/1446).
  2. Nuri Pasha as-Said.
  3. Fuad Bey Hamza.
  4. Cousin of the Mufti.
  5. Chief of the Royal Cabinet.
  6. Hassan Nashat Pasha.