The Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier (Blake) to the Secretary of State

No. 1508

Sir: For the purposes of record in the matter of American claims, I have the honor to forward herewith copy of a letter from Mr. Goold reporting conversation with Mr. Broustra of the Diplomatic Cabinet on the subject of American claims in the French Zone. As was to be expected, the Protectorate authorities have no intention of doing anything to settle these claims until there is a resumption of the general treaty negotiations, probably pending the conclusion of the war.

Respectfully yours,

Maxwell Blake

The Consul General at Casablanca (Goold) to the Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier (Blake)

Sir: I saw M. Broustra for a few minutes at Rabat on Saturday on the occasion of the ceremony of the Sultan’s accession to the throne. I brought up the matter of the procès verbal to be drawn up relative to the sessions held in Rabat last June on the subject of the claims. M. Broustra assured me that you would have it soon. He stated that everything in the matter of claims had been delayed because it had not been possible to make an offer in the El Yacoubi case, and because of the pressure of work following the outbreak of hostilities. I urged upon him the advisability of continuing the study and investigation of the El Yacoubi claim with a view to including it in the offer eventually to be made to you. He very politely said that he would see that that was done.

I next asked whether he had received any reply to his inquiry at Paris as to whether the settlement of the claims might be proceeded with independently of treaty negotiations. But I cannot say that I received a reply to this inquiry. He had a great deal to say about how completely the coming of the war had changed everything, and made it impossible to carry on what they had previously in mind, but I got no categorical answer as to whether he had received a reply or not. I take it that he had not, and I gather that it is somewhat doubtful whether he had even asked instructions on the point. I take it that there is very little disposition to proceed with a settlement of the claims independently of the treaty negotiations.

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Mr. Khazen reports, however, that Shereef El Yacoubi has been approached by certain people said to be close to the authorities in Meknes relative to bringing about the settlement of his claim. It may be the official desire to reach a private settlement with him, and then to have M. Broustra make you an offer covering the rest. Mr. Khazen also reports that M. Coriat62 has been confidentially informed that the Post Office has been ordered to proceed to the condemnation of his property, and has been advised to let the postal authorities know that he is disposed to settle.

Respectfully yours,

Herbert S. Goold
  1. American protégé in the French Zone of Morocco.