481.11/138: Telegram

The Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier (Blake) to the Secretary of State

11. Reference Embassy’s telegram No. 1117, June 13, Residency has replied to my note of June 2 suggesting that delegates meet at Rabat June 23 for examination of claims, leaving to the French and American Governments the adoption or the rejection of the reservations made by the Department.

Accordingly I am designating Khazen59 and after a conference with me here he will proceed to Rabat. Above repeated to Paris.

Please cable Casablanca $80 transportation expenses and per diem for Khazen available for the remainder of current fiscal year.

  1. Michel El-Khazen, interpreter at the Consulate General at Casablanca. Hooker A. Doolittle, First Secretary of the Diplomatic Agency and Consul at Tangier, was also sent to Rabat for these negotiations.