882.6351 U. S. Steel Corp./48: Telegram

The Minister in Liberia (Walton) to the Secretary of State

7. On January 26, Croze and Turneaure,68 United States Steel Corporation representatives, accompanied me to Kakata where they had a satisfactory conference with President Barclay. They were given written memorandum relative to the existence of iron ore deposits in the Bong Mountains 30 miles from Kakata and elsewhere. President Barclay commented several times that he would have gladly cooperated before had it not been the policy of engineers to conduct an independent investigation. He explained at some length the Liberian Government’s [experience] with Neep.

All parties agreed that it would take months of investigation before a definite estimate of iron ore potentialities could be reached. President Barclay expressed a willingness to grant the United States Steel Corporation longer than the allotted 6 months.

Croze and Turneaure called at the American Legation January 25th. The former appeared disturbed over a message from his corporation in which he intimated that inquiries had been made by the Department of State relative to their activities in Liberia. When Croze again complained to me about knowing where to look for additional iron deposits I reiterated that President Barclay was the logical person from whom to secure desired information. I complied with their request to arrange an appointment with the President.

  1. F. S. Turneaure, geologist.