391.1164/88: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Iran (Engert)

50. Department’s 42, September 16, 1 p.m. Please deliver the following note to the Iranian Government:

“The Government of the United States has noted with satisfaction that the American educational institutions in Iran will continue to operate as before until the end of the present school year. My Government has, moreover, been particularly gratified to learn that the Iranian Government shares the widespread feeling in the United States that the long and disinterested services performed by these institutions have been deserving of the highest appreciation.

In recognition of the importance of the decision taken by the Iranian Government with respect to the transfer of the schools, the American Mission Board has named Dr. J. L. Dodds as its chief representative in the forthcoming negotiations for a settlement. Dr. Dodds is expected to leave the United States for Iran on October 14. In view of the fact that Dr. Dodds has undertaken this long journey especially for the purpose of effecting an amicable agreement as to the details of transfer, my Government hopes that the Iranian authorities will be prepared to commence discussions immediately following his arrival in Tehran, and that the negotiations will proceed in a manner satisfactory to all concerned.

In this connection I am instructed to state that my Government expects that in accordance with recognized principles of international law, provision will be made by the Government of Iran for adequate, effective and prompt payment for the properties taken over. My Government considers it unnecessary to add that it will watch with [Page 535] great interest the steps taken to insure a rapid, fair and equitable settlement, including the method by which the Iranian Government intends to make payment.”

When Dr. Dodds arrives in Tehran, you should arrange to present him to the appropriate authorities of the Iranian Government, at the same time recalling the substance of the above communication. The Department does not, of course, desire you to participate in the discussions between the Board representatives and the Iranian officials, unless you are called upon to intervene for some unusual or important reason, but it assumes you will follow closely and report upon all major developments in the negotiations.