365D.1163/137: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Phillips) to the Secretary of State

108. Embassy’s despatch No. 1304, February 23, 1939, a communication received from the Foreign Office today states the following information has been communicated by the Ministry of Italian Africa. “The Government of Galla and Sidama has taken steps to appraise the real and other property of the American Presbyterian Mission located at Dembidollo (Sayo) and Gore. The appraisals were made in the absence of representatives of the Mission inasmuch as they had not responded to the invitation to present themselves. Should they persist in this attitude, despite the fact that the competent authorities desire to negotiate with representatives of the Mission regarding the price of the property in question, it will be necessary to resort to official expropriation proceedings and consequently to a direct determination of the price by the Italian authorities.”