893.114 Narcotics/2561: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Geneva ( Everett )

64. For Fuller.25 Treasury Department has received telegram dated May 30 from Nicholson26 reporting that Japanese military are selling Iranian opium in Shanghai at Chinese dollars 7.50 plus 1.50 dollars commission per liang to one Colonel Katayama, who, with assistants Sasaki and Yoshimura, is in charge of wholesale business which is carried on in Bank of China Building at North Szechuen and Haining Roads; that Sasaki and Yoshimura are by military truck actually making the deliveries which are limited to one case at a time; that payment of cargo is made to the Japanese Shanghai Bank in favor of Katayama; that daily retail sales in the Jessfield area amount to five cases; and that cargo is stored in the Japanese area at Woosung.

  1. Stuart J. Fuller was American representative at the 24th session of the Opium Advisory Committee, Geneva.
  2. Treasury representative in China.