893.102S/1782: Telegram

The Chargé in China ( Peck ) to the Secretary of State

300. Reference Shanghai’s 308, April 23, 10 a.m., and my 289, April 25, 4 p.m., Chinese activities in International Settlement. Following is a translation of note dated April 27 and received April 29 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents its compliments to the American Embassy and has the honor to state that the press publishes reports that the Japanese have recently requested the authorities of the International Settlement at Shanghai to prohibit the hoisting of Chinese National flags in the Settlement. It is observed that Chinese civilians and organizations in the Settlement at Shanghai ought not be subject to interference from any side in hoisting the national flag. The Ministry has now the honor to request that the American Embassy in China kindly give its attention to the matter and that an instruction be transmitted to the authorities of the International Settlement at Shanghai not to accept the Japanese demand nor to interfere with the freedom of Chinese citizens in hoisting [Page 32] the national flag in order to avoid disputes. The Embassy’s courtesy will be greatly appreciated. A reply is also requested.

Apart from addressing a separate communication to the British Embassy in China the Ministry has the honor to address this note to the American Embassy.”

The Embassy is replying to the note to the effect that the matter has been referred to the Department.

Repeated to Peiping and Shanghai. Shanghai mail Tokyo.