811.7493 Globe Wireless/46: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General at Shanghai (Gauss)

9. Department’s 5, January 5, 1939, 7 p.m.68 Department informed orally by Jack Kaufman, Executive Vice President of Globe Wireless Company, that he had instructed Neil Brown, the representative of the company in Shanghai, to approach the Japanese authorities and discuss with them the conditions under which they would allow continuation of operation of the Globe Wireless station. In response to his approach the Globe Wireless representative was informed that the Japanese authorities were too busy to discuss the matter at this time.

Mr. Kaufman also stated that he had authorized the company’s representative in Shanghai to cease operation of the station immediately if continued operation was likely to cause an incident.

Department informed by Mr. Kaufman that the Globe Wireless station, to the operation of which the Japanese are now objecting, is separate and distinct from the station which has been operated for a number of years by the Robert Dollar Company and which is not involved in the present controversy. Mr. Kaufman added that Globe Wireless is very anxious that this distinction be clearly kept in mind and that the Robert Dollar station be kept out of any discussions.

You are authorized in your discretion to inform the Japanese authorities orally that you have been informed that Globe Wireless, through its local representative in Shanghai, is prepared to discuss all questions relating to the operation of their station in Shanghai with the Japanese authorities.

Please continue to keep Department closely advised of developments in this case.

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