893.102 Kulangsu/173: Telegram

The Chargé in Japan ( Dooman ) to the Secretary of State

278. Amoy’s 52, June 15, 6 p.m., and our June 13, 6 [7?] p.m.11

I called yesterday on Yoshizawa12 to continue representations on the Kulangsu situation. I asked whether I could assure the Department that the instructions issued to the Japanese Consul General at Amoy took into full account the American Government’s position with regard to proposed changes in the administration of the Settlement. Yoshizawa declined to commit himself. He said that he participated in the conferences at the Foreign Office which took place during Uchida’s stay here and that he had carefully explained our position.
He then added that Uchida would merely sit tight and await further developments at Tientsin. I could not get from Yoshizawa a clear explanation of this statement, but the impression I got was that further Japanese action at Kulangsu would depend largely on whether the British carry out threat of reprisals against Japanese actions at Tientsin. I reminded Yoshizawa in that connection that the Japanese should not forget that the United States has at Kulangsu equal rights with any other nation.

Repeated to Chungking, Peiping, Amoy.

  1. Latter not printed.
  2. Director of the American Affairs Bureau, Japanese Foreign Office.