893.102 Kulangsu/161: Telegram

The Consul at Amoy ( MacVitty ) to the Secretary of State

44. After daily conferences between Consular Corps and Japanese Consul General at which it seemed likely that a satisfactory solution of Kulangsu incident would be assured, yesterday the Japanese Consul General renewed demands for additions to the police that would be beyond the financial power of the Municipal Council to grant. He [Page 119] also revived his demand for the appointment of three Chinese members to the Council by the puppet Mayor of Amoy. He was told plainly that unless he could adopt a more reasonable attitude further discussions were impossible and we left the meeting. The change in attitude was coincident with the arrival of reinforcements to the Amoy garrison.

Japanese press reports of renewed anti-Japanese activities in the Settlement are entirely without foundation.

Repeated to Embassy at Peiping, Chungking, American Consul General at Shanghai.