893.102 Kulangsu/153: Telegram

The Consul at Amoy (MacVitty) to the Secretary of State

40. With reference to my telegram No. 39, May 26, 10 a.m.; and 35, May 24, 9 a.m., the Japanese Consul General today in an interview [Page 118] with the Chairman of the Municipal Council withdrew demands numbers 3 and 4 relating to the franchise of Formosans and the appointment of Chinese members. Demands numbers 1 and 5 regarding cooperation in suppressing anti-Japanese activities are already being met and present no great difficulty. As to demand number 2, the Japanese still insist on a Japanese chief of police, an interpreter, 8 additional Japanese police and 10 additional Formosa police. In view of the more conciliatory attitude it is possible that some satisfactory agreement can be effected with regard to the police question.

During the naval conferences it was strongly pointed out to Vice Admiral Kondo that 80% of the trouble was caused by rival Formosa gangs employed by the Japanese Consul General and the Japanese Navy.

Repeated to Peiping, Chungking and Shanghai.