893.102 Kulangsu/137: Telegram

The Consul at Amoy (MacVitty) to the Secretary of State

27. At a meeting of Consular Body, American, British, French and Netherlands Consuls, it was decided that in view of the non-withdrawal of the Japanese demands on the Council, to send a joint note to the Japanese Consul General endorsing the note sent by the Municipal Council and informing that “we fail to understand your action in addressing these demands to the Municipal Council without prior consultation with your colleagues, and now desire the [to?] place on record our disapproval of their tenor and of their manifest object of placing the Japanese in a privileged position in the administration of [the] International Settlement”. The note further informs him that should he consider that the land regulations require revision he should act in accordance with prescribed procedure, that is, present his request to each Consul for referred [reference?] to the Consul’s Government. The Consular protest outlined above was sent today.

Kulangsu appear[s] to be today showing that the landing of forces has had the effect of quieting the population. American residents have called and expressed their gratitude over action taken here.