893.102 Kulangsu/131: Telegram

The Consul at Amoy (MacVitty) to the Secretary of State

24. Japanese Consul General4 called this morning and expressed concern about possible landing American and British Marines. He stated that correct number of Japanese troops in Settlement is 42 and they would be reduced to 10 in about a week. I expressed deep concern over his demands on Municipal Council which he confessed emanated from Japanese naval authorities in Amoy, I also informed him that his demands were tantamount to taking the Settlement under Japanese control and that in view of the large number of American and British residents this could not be agreed to.

Naval vessels now in port are British cruiser Birmingham and three destroyers, American cruiser Marblehead and destroyer Buhner. Conferences are being held today by ranking naval officers with Japanese Naval Command.

  1. G. Uchida, Senior Consul in Kulangsu International Settlement.