793.94 Advisory Committee/152

The Chinese Embassy to the Department of State 36

It is the intention of the Chinese Government to request the Council of the League at its May session, to take steps to institute a Coordination Committee or a more limited committee composed of representatives of Governments particularly interested in the Far East to take effective action in order to restrain Japanese aggression and to reaffirm the following requests previously made by the Chinese Government:

  • 1. To grant financial and economic assistance to China;
  • 2. To refrain from taking any action which might have the effect of weakening China’s power of resistance and thus of increasing her difficulties in the present conflict;
  • 3. To assure full facilities of transit and transport for Chinese war materials;
  • 1. To prohibit directly or indirectly the imports from Japan;
  • 2. To stop supplying Japan with war and raw materials, particularly airplanes, gasoline and scrap iron;
  • 3. To take economic measures of retaliation against Japan.

The Chinese Government sincerely hopes that the American Government, devoted as she is to the cause of peace and international justice, will not only associate herself with the League in adopting similar measures but also join Great Britain, France and the Soviet in making a joint or parallel declaration reaffirming the following:

That the international order in the Far East must immediately be restored so that the general peace of the world will not be dangerously threatened;
That effective measures should be taken to put a stop to Japanese aggression;
That provisions of several binding international agreements relating to the Far East must be observed and can not be abrogated unilaterally; and
That all the treaty rights and vested interests of the foreign powers in China must be respected until they are lawfully modified.

  1. Handed by the Chinese Ambassador to the Adviser on Political Relations on May 1.