793.94 Advisory Committee/152: Telegram

Memorandum by the Adviser on Political Relations (Hornbeck)

The papers here attached34 were handed to me by the Chinese Ambassador35 this afternoon.

The Ambassador said that he was giving me this informally in order to inform us of action which the Chinese Government is contemplating taking at the May session of the Council of the League of Nations. He said that he realized that the hope expressed that the American Government will associate itself with the League in adopting “similar [Page 336] measures” and will join Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union in making a joint or parallel declaration reaffirming points specified is an expression of wish rather than of expectation. He hoped, however, that the American Government would move in the general direction contemplated and suggested to the powers in the Chinese Government’s outline and expression of request and hope.

S[tanley] K. H[ornbeck]
  1. Infra.
  2. Hu Shih.