724.34119/1297: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia ( Caldwell ) to the Secretary of State

14. [From Braden.] The following telegram has been sent to Buenos Aires for Haden:

Have advised every one come what may, we leave Friday as must meet our colleagues from Asunción in Buenos Aires Monday.

Have interviewed practically every one having any substantial influence on Chaco problem. While the mass of population only desires peace those in control are divided into two groups:

As represented by the President of Bolivia who want peace and probably will accept a line approximating meridian of D’Orbigny but feel must have Bahia Negra in order to justify relinquishing practically all of Chaco.
Group headed by Minister of War uninterested in any settlement confident Bolivia with greater economic and numerical strength [Page 108] having learned lessons of last war can and should look only to a war of revenge.

In two long sessions today with Junta (President absent) we defended our proposal. Junta with the President will consider it tomorrow morning and give us answer at afternoon meeting.

Please cable Ruiz Moreno we will answer regarding Puerto Caballo after tomorrow’s meeting but Bolivians still insist on at least Puerto Pacheco. Braden.