The Secretary of State to the Peruvian Ambassador (Freyre)

Excellency: With reference to your note of December 31, 1937,61 relative to the Naval Mission to your Government, I now have the honor to inform you that the Navy Department of my Government has made the following tentative selection of officers for that duty:

  • Captain Bruce L. Canaga, U. S. N.—Chief of Mission and Advisory Chief of Staff to the Minister of Marine.
  • Lieutenant Commander Leo L. Pace, U. S. N.—Qualified submarine officer.
  • Captain Emory D. Stanley (SC), U. S. N.—As advisor to the Minister of Marine in finance and accounting.
  • Commander Melville W. Powers (CC), U. S. N.—As advisor to the Minister of Marine for Construction and Repair.
  • 1 Chief Gunners Mate
  • 1 Chief Torpedoman
  • 1 Chief Watertender
  • 1 Chief Machinists Mate
  • 1 Chief Radioman

The Navy Department adds that Captain Canaga and Lieutenant Commander Pace can be made available in early March 1938. Captain Stanley (SC) will not be available until some time in May 1938, and Commander Powers (CC) can be made available within a period of one month. A careful selection of Chief Petty Officers of the ratings indicated will be made in the near future.

The Navy Department further states that the employment of these officers for this duty involves modifications of orders and plans in existence. Accordingly, the Secretary of the Navy would appreciate it if he could be informed at the earliest practical date as to the acceptability of this personnel in order that the orders necessary to establish the Mission may be issued.

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Sumner Welles
  1. Not printed.