The Peruvian Ambassador (Freyre) to the Secretary of State

Your Excellency: I have the honour to enclose herewith a Memorandum which my Government has entrusted me with submitting to Your Excellency’s consideration. The Memorandum is self-explanatory and concerns the Peruvian Government’s purpose to engage, as on former occasions, the services of United States technical advisers.

Trusting that Your Excellency will be so good as favourably to receive my Government’s suggestions, and in return to express the United States views on the subject, I have the honour [etc.]

M. de Freyre y S.

The Permian Embassy to the Department of State


The Peruvian Government is anxious to engage the services, under a three year contract basis, of a number of United States Naval Officers on the active list, for the purpose of training and instructing the [Page 890] personnel of the Peruvian Navy, and advising on technical related subjects.

The Officers required would be: One Captain, who would act as Chief; One Captain, Supply Corps; One Captain or Commander, Submarine Specialist; Two Chief Petty Officers, one a Torpedo Gunner and the other a Gunner and Diver. The Peruvian Government besides would be pleased to avail itself under the same terms of the services of Lieutenant Commander Evander Wallace Sylvester.

The salaries would be: For the Chief Officer $10,000—per annum; for each of the other Officers $8,000—per annum; and for the Petty Officers $2,500—each per annum. The amounts here quoted are in United States dollars.

It is understood from information received at the Peruvian Ministry of the Navy that a list of available United States Naval Officers on active service would be furnished to the Peruvian Government for its choice by the United States Government. The Peruvian Government deems it obviously preferable that part of the personnel of instructors should be already acquainted with the country where they are to serve. It therefore tentatively suggests that Captain S. A. Taffinder and Captain Emery D. Stanley, Supply Corps, be included in this list. In case Captain Taffinder were available, the selection of other members of the personnel could be left to his discretion.

The purpose of the Peruvian Government, as above stated, is to ensure the progressive development of the Peruvian Navy, in accordance with the countries needs and resources, under the direction of United States Naval Officers, who would thus be called upon to prosecute the task so efficiently performed by their predecessors. In order to accomplish this purpose in a manner that could not be misinterpreted, nor cause unnecessary inconvenience to either Governments concerned, the Peruvian Government has thought it advisable, before presenting a formal request, to take counsel with the United States Government, as it hereby ventures to do, in regard to the best means of reaching an agreement on the subject.